Friday, January 6, 2012

Drowning in the White Light

Wide-Brimmed Hat - Kookai
Ring - Thrifted
Black Slip - Thrifted
Feather Bag - Thrifted
Maroon Crochet Top - Bardot
Mustard Scallop Skirt - Wild Pair
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Rockin Platform
Indian Feather Necklace/ Tassel Necklace worn as Bracelet - Diva

Deary me! It's been quite a while since I reblogged; what with Christmas and New Years events all so close I've had little to no time for much photo-taking. Anyway, i'll keep this short by saying my whole outfit was built around an absolute love that I formed for a Kookai Wide-Brimmed Hat (as above) that my sister bought for herself during the Boxing Day sales. I seem to steal so many of her clothes lately as they're just too gorgeous!

Anyway, I must be honest in saying that I wasn't too happy with how the photos came out mainly because they were all so flooded with light. I guess thats one of the perils of photographing during the middle of the day when the reach of sunlight is at its peak.

I hope you like them regardless!

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  1. the top!! simply perfect! <3