Friday, November 30, 2012


Whilst lots of people love to channel whose styles are vastly different from that in which they grew up, I on the other hand, am a massive fan of all the fashion throughout my birth era; the Eclectic 90's!

Things that are totally amazing at the moment...

Those tattoo choker necklaces!  
Towards the beginning of the 21st century these babies started to coin terms such as trashy or slutty...   however I've always seemed to love them and have a massive collection of all different styles and colours.

Egyptian-Inspired Jewellery!
Okay, so perhaps a lot of the fascination for egyptian jewellery came in during the 80's, but the early 90's drew a lot from that as mystics and the occult became really popular. Symbols like the Ankh were always a hit and I have a feeling they're gradually making an even stronger come-back!

Bright Mini Skirts!
When the whole "colour-blocking" concept came into fashion, I can't say I was the biggest fan. However I do love pairing one super "simple" piece of clothing with the really crazy and hectic patterns of another. So usually I'll rock a bright block-colour/ metallic skirt and then add some crazy patterned or see-through shirt  to add some texture and intricacy to my outfits.

Showing off your Bra!
Yes, the 90's was the age of the see-through shirt and crop top combo. Whilst this often isn't pulled off too well by girls with bigger boobs, I kinda feel lucky in that mine are only "JUST" a size B-cup.
Yeah, when I say "just" I really mean, they're so small that they barely pass for a B-cup... :'( *tears*

See-through Patterned Shirts, DUH!
Can't show off your bra without one! ;)
Thankfully, nowadays they come in so many really flattering styles, not just the body-tight black scoop neck's of the 90's, making them easily wearable and really great for summer!

Flatforms are the greatest thing to ever be invented, in my opinion. - They're comfortable; they look amazing and give me all the height I've been craving! (being the shortest in my family- BOOHOO!)
I usually get varied comments when I wear my flatforms... Either they're loved, or bitterly hated - Although it seems the girls who really appreciate the magic of the flatforms are those who understand the burden of having to walk around in heels all day.

Anyway, lastly I thought I'd show you 
how I manage to get my hair so weird and wavy-
 90'S STYLE!!!! 

The video below pretty much just shows the effects of the princess wave although you can actually wear the plaits out as they're super cute too! Give it a go let me know how it turned out for you! 
I will put a step by step in another post coming soon, although the process is so easy I'm sure you could easily work it out without one ^__^

I hope everyone has a really lovely summer! 
(or winter, depending on where you are! Hehe)
& candies 
to you all,



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  2. Your hair looks so cool like that!

    Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥