Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Thousand Apologies!!!!!

I know I haven't be posting at all lately, however believe me, there is a good excuse!
It seems every time I have gone out with my sister (who takes all my awesome photos) we seem to be interrupted by phone calls calling us back to hospital.
You see, my uncle (one of the only constant male figures in my life) has been diagnosed as terminally ill, with cancer. It has taken a massive toll on my family and has been really hard to justify taking time away from an important family member, simply for lookbook pictures. I really hope to be able to return to my normal routine with my sister, however, for the time being I hope these will suffice:
Just a few incredibly crappy and highly pixelated laptop photos, in which I inserted a background into using some super tacky "Mac Photo Booth" programme. 

Haha, I kinda like the "Me dematerialising" element.... ;)

Wreath - Self-made 
Dress - Ladakh
Shirt - Trifted
Ankh - Ebay
Fairy Star Choker - Self-made
Turquoise "MIKU" Wig - Ebay~  
Background: Cherry Blossom Image

Hopefully I will be back to posting more "COMPLETE" outfits soon! 
Thanks for being so patient everyone!  

~ix  xoxox

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